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Let's create your unique Tiny House 

Whether you wish to construct yourself in our workshop with our guidance or are looking for us to custom build your vision, Atelier Tiny Living helps you to realize your dream Tiny Home!

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We design with you: Our holistic design approach integrates functionality, environmental impact, and smart building technologies into your Tiny House Design.


We can build for you: A turn-key solution where we construct from A to Z the mobile Tiny Home of your dreams, no hustle for you as the owner.


We can help you build yourself: We offer advice and supervision to accompany you on your personal DIY self-construction journey. You can rent workshop space and tools.


We strive to realize your dreams: Let’s design and build a tiny home  that fulfils your unique needs and aspirations. Let’s realize your dream, no matter how unconventional.

Our Offers

Our Tiny House building workshop is located in Brussels, in the heart of Belgium. Here, we offer custom built solutions where we construct your unique Tiny Home for you. Or you can build your own tiny house in our workshop with our guidance as a DIYer. 

Guided Design

 Would you like to walk through your Pre-Construction steps with us? We can go with you step by step from idea to construction plan. With all plans, 3D renderns and cut lists, you may then go for building your Tiny by yourself at your own site. This Pre-Construction process we offer is described at  "Our Design Process"

Custom Built Tiny House Construction

You would like to realize your unique micro home but without the hassle of having to build it yourself?

Look no further than Atelier Tiny Living, where we develop the concept of your Tiny House with you until the last detail.

 Once you are happy about the design, you can hire us to build it for you, to hand you the keys to your custom-built mini house, ready for you to take it out into the world.

You are welcome to follow the construction in the workshop as much or as little as you want.

Do It Yourself  Tiny House Construction

At our workshop close to Brussels South Train Station, we have 2 building spots for Do It Yourself builder. You may rent them on a monthly basis together with a package of  weekly guidance sessions. Similarly, you can rent a set of tools and get materials ordered through Atelier Tiny Living. 

Monthly Open Days with Workshops

Monthly Open Days are currently still on hold due to COVID. In the future, we will offer boostgroups for Tiny House DIYers to come together and learn from each other. You can also get a tour of the workshop, Discover a model of a typical Tiny House wall and follow concrete building tutorials. 

Our Design Process

At Atelier Tiny Living, we are all about conceiving and building a Tiny Home that fits to YOU. Walk with us through the design process from first idea to the key to your Tiny House:

Phase 1 – Collecting

We start with YOU: How do you live and use your space now? What are your habits? What are your needs? What sort of atmosphere that makes you feel at home? We move from words to drawings to first concepts.

On the concept level, we make up small plans – the various functions of your Tiny House all thought through and leveled together: Cooking, Dining, Sleeping, Storage, Air Circulation, Window Arrangement… We draw up a concept that fits YOU and YOUR life!

Phase 2 – Showing

So far, we only have words and plans on paper. Now we move from theory to finding out what clicks with you. Based on your input, we create mood boards of the different aspects: colors, surfaces, exterior, mood, architectural style… Time for you to feel what feels right!

We also create a first exterior and interior mockup of your Tiny House. With the 3D Model, we can visualize our ideas and visualize further adjustments to our initial designs. For some choices (like the type of door or oven), we can give 3 concrete options to choose from.

Phase 3 – Collaborating

Time to transition with our revised layout towards more technical aspects: Lighting, Electricity setup, kitchen, and bathroom layouts. And we visit material suppliers together – with all the preparations, it is now easy to choose floors, tiles, colors, that match your design perfectly. With all those choices made, you receive the process documentation in an A3 book, revised plans, and a new 3D Models with all chosen details.

We can now provide you with all necessary construction plans and cut list to continue on your own. Or you choose to construct yourself with our guidance in our workshop. Or you choose to let us custom build for you. Whichever way you choose, your Tiny House will be a perfect fit for YOU and YOUR needs for decades to come!

Good to know

We offer you custom-made Tiny Houses, for a decent price, with high technical standards. Here are some extra infos;

Built along Constructions Standards

Our Tiny House designs and builds align fully with the Belgian Living Code. If Tiny Houses do get more regularized in the future, yours will be already within code good to go for decades to come!

Energy efficient Tiny Homes

Our Tiny Houses are fully air tight and are a “BEN-Woning”, meaning they are almost energy neutral. You will stay cozy with very little heating needed!

Pricing meeting your budget

Let’s be very aware of costs already throughout the design process! This way, we can actively work together towards a Tiny House design that we can realize with your financial possibilities. No headaches later!


From idea to 3D plan, it is all about experience when it comes to conceptualizing my tiny house. Danny has a high level of quality and expertise. It is a real pleasure to work with him, as I feel supported in every step of the conception phase, from interior design to material choices.

Natasja OTTE
Custom Built Client

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The Crew of Atelier Tiny Living

About Danny Schoemanns


Danny is the brain behind Atelier Tiny Living, mostly busy with design conception and building guidance. As a certified Industrial Woodworker and with a BSc in Interior Architecture, he really combines quality building and quality designing.

He built his first Tiny House in early 2020. As a wood worker turned Tiny House builder, Danny is understanding a Tiny as really a miniature home – which shines through in the precision and quality in his construction work. And he is precise not only in his constructions but also in his communication: Clear and transparent throughout the whole collaboration!

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